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Emergency Dental Care and Services

Conditions that Call for Emergency Dental Care and Services

Posted on : 11th May 2018

You can never know when a dental trauma is going to strike, it may occur at any moment. Such conditions demand immediate clinical intervention or else you run the risk of losing natural teeth or bear severe damage to your general health.

Before caling a dental clinic that offers emergency dental services, it is important to know, which cases are considered as emergency and given immediate clinical attention.

  • Significantly damaged teeth: If a tooth or more is almost out of the socket, it is considered an emergency case. Even, if a large portion of a tooth breaks off, the case demands immediate treatment to save the affected natural tooth. Once the nerves of the affected teeth or tooth die, it will be impossible to save the natural molar(s). Hence such cases are assigned highest priority, bypassing all other patients.
  • Severe pain in the mouth: There’re instances when one experiences severe pain in the mouth. Such a condition is the typical way in which our body tells us that something is wrong inside. You should never ever ignore such fillers coming from your body. However, initially you should try killing the pain with a combination of ice pack, pain-killing pills and rinsing the mouth with lukewarm, salinated water. If these do not help, just dial ‘E’ for emergency dental help.
  • Pus formation at the root bottom: It is highly possible for a tooth to catch up with an infection. As a result, puss is formed at the bottom root of the affected tooth. This condition requires emergency dental care, else there’s a high risk you may lose that tooth. Cases like this usually results from dental abscess and it is justified for you to summon immediate dental care and treatment in such conditions.
  • Acute bleeding from the gums: A mild bleeding from the tongue or the lips is pretty common. Such blood flows get dried up on their own in a few minutes. However, if the bleeding keeps continuing, then you must seek clinical intervention immediately. In many cases, bleeding from the mouth is linked to periodontal disease or gum infections. Such dental conditions are potential enough to make you lose your natural teeth. Just be aware!
  • Facial or gums swelling: If you experience swelling in the face or the gums, you shouldn’t neglect such problems. It may so happen that the jaw movement will be difficult to perform. These symptoms may result from many possibilities and you need to seek immediate oral health care and treatment in such conditions.

In order to secure proper treatment and care during emergency conditions, you should do a little Google, using search strings like “emergency dental services near me”. If you neglect seeking immediate care and attention to your emergency dental conditions, you may end up losing your teeth, which will be more costly in the long run.

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