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Dental Bridges

If you have lost a tooth, our emergency dentist may suggest performing a dental bridge in London and restoring your attractive smile. The gaps for your missing teeth can be fixed easily with dental bridges. This involves attaching a crown on the tooth beside the gap which allows a false tooth to attach. Our emergency dentists work together at each step of the fabrication which results in bridges looking natural and functional. With dental bridges for knocked out tooth, we will help you to improve your confidence level.

Benefits of dental bridges

  • Suitable denture alternatives
  • Balances the forces on your teeth at the time of chewing
  • Corrects and maintains bite
  • Improves and supports dentures
  • Lessens the risk of teeth drifting and tilting

Other than dental bridges for filling teeth gaps, we can also help you with partial dentures and dental implants.

Resin-bonded dental bridge

Resin-bonded or resin-retained bridges are less invasive option. These are attached to your surrounding teeth with plastic or metal attachments and these restorations depend on dental cement for stability.

If this is your first requirement for a bridge and you do not want to have surrounding teeth shaved down, a resin-bonded dental bridge might be the suitable solution for you. Book a consultation with our emergency dentists in London and perform dental bridges treatment successfully.

Dental bridges treatment from our emergency dentist

When you visit us for your second appointment, the permanent dental bridge will be ready. Our emergency dentist will ensure that the bridge work is of the right shape, size and colour so that it appears natural with your smile. Unlike partial dentures, you do not need to worry about dental bridges moving out of place since it is anchored by your adjacent teeth. Our dentist will explain about possible options for emergency dental care during the appointment.

Say goodbye to tooth gaps, get your dental bridge today!

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How long will dental bridges last?

Dental bridges are meant to last somewhere from 7 to 15 years or more. By following improved oral care habits and seeing the dentist, the fixed bridge may last for more than 10 years.

How many teeth can be there on a dental bridge?

The number of teeth may vary and a bridge can replace one to four teeth. There are exceptional cases where dental bridges replace five or more teeth.

Is it possible to eat with bridges?

You can eat with a bridge which remains sealed to your supporting teeth and connected to the crown. With a fixed bridge, you will be able to eat, drink, chew and swallow easily.

What is the time span the treatment will require?

It generally requires 2 visits to the dentist with a gap of 3 weeks in between the appointments.

Can an emergency dentist perform a bridge in one day?

Dental bridges can be done on the same day for individuals who have one or more missing teeth. But they need to have strong teeth on the sides of empty area.

How painful can a dental bridge be?

The dental bridge may hurt a little though the pain usually subsides after a few days. If it lasts for one or more weeks, it can be due to improperly fitted bridge or an infection. You will have to follow good dental hygiene habits

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