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Extruding Teeth

An extruded tooth has been loosened or partially dislodged from its socket. To save the tooth, call Emergency Dentist in London now on 02031376356. We will give you the next available emergency appointment to relieve your pain and restore your oral health. Be sure to leave the tooth in your mouth. Take over-the-counter pain medication and use a cold compress to relieve pain.

What your dentist will do:

Firstly, your dentist will give you local anaesthetic and clean the area. If the tooth is intact and the surrounding bone healthy, your dentist will gently guide the tooth back into the socket. Otherwise, it will be removed and replaced. An X-ray may also be taken to ensure the root hasn’t fractured.

Your dentist will place the tooth securely back into the socket by attaching it to the adjacent teeth on either side. This can be done in a number of different ways:

  • With synthetic cloth or metal mesh stuck to the back of the two teeth
  • Placing a wire over the teeth and bonding them together with a composite resin material
  • Attaching an orthodontic bracket to each of the teeth and connecting them with a wire (braces)

You will then return to your dentist once the tooth has healed (about 7 to 10 days later) to have these materials removed.

Root canal treatment

A root canal can repair damaged nerve or blood vessels in the tooth. However, your dentist won’t be able to tell if there is nerve damage right away. Tests are only reliable during the next few weeks after the tooth has been damaged. You may then be fitted with a dental crown to restore strength and shape to the tooth.

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