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Knocked Out Tooth

A knocked-out (or avulsed) tooth is a serious dental emergency, which can be fixed with prompt treatment. There’s a higher chance of saving teeth in young children, but adult teeth can also be saved. Only permanent teeth can safely be re-implanted. Do you have a knocked-out tooth? Call Emergency Dentist in London now on 02031376356. We’ll give you the next available emergency appointment to relieve your pain and restore your oral health.

What to do:

It’s important to see your dentist as soon as possible, ideally within the hour.

What your dentist will do:

In some cases, reattaching the tooth is simple. However, broken tooth or bone can complicate the matter.

As the nerves, blood vessels, and tissues within the tooth will also be damaged, your dentist may need to perform root canal treatment right away.

The tooth will be placed in the socket and held in place with a splint attached to the adjacent teeth on either side. The splint will stay in place for several days as determined by your dentist.

Typically, the root will reattach to the bone around the tooth in about three or four weeks. If the bone is fractured, however, it may take six to eight weeks.

You will return for follow-up appointments.

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