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Emergency Tooth Filling in London

If you are suffering from a broken tooth filling or severe toothache, then a dentist appointment is the need of the hour for your emergency filling. At Emergency dentist London, we are very delighted to provide you these services:

  • Emergency dental care
  • Throughout London area
  • Sedation for nervous patients
  • Treat emergency dental problems
  • No registration needed for new patients

Temporary emergency fillings

If you are suffering from severe toothache and need the appointment of an emergency dentist, this may result from the pulp infected due to dental decay. In this case, our dentist will be numbing the area around your tooth and clean the decay with necessary instruments. After the decay is removed completely, our dentist applies medication around the exposed area of pulp to heal with the infection. The dentist adds a temporary emergency tooth filling to protect pulp from further infection and allow it to settle completely.

Temporary fillings usually break or fall out in a month and so, it is important to replace them with the permanent one. In order to protect them, our dentist will ask brush gently around the area and ensure you avoid chewing with your treated tooth. The cost of a temporary filling is included in the quote and you are provided with it at your initial appointment.

Don't suffer any longer, get your emergency tooth filling and say goodbye to toothache!

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Permanent white fillings

If it is a broken or lost filling, our dentist will apply a permanent white filling during the first appointment. But before applying the filling on layers for duration and stability, he will ensure there is no cavity around the area. After removing damaged areas, he will dry the tooth surface and then apply the filling for setting it layer by layer.

Like the treatment of newly formed caries, replacing a lost or broken filling is a pain-free procedure which can be done in one visit only.

Emergency dentist London uses the most advancement technologies and equipment to treat your dental problems in the most convenient way.

Reasons to have an emergency filling

Though a broken or lost tooth filling will not cause instant pain, an emergency filling is the right way to ensure your oral health remains intact. By solving the problem, you will be able to:

Save the tooth – When a tooth is not treated on time, caries may develop and infect the tooth pulp. This can be the reason for gum infection, root canal therapy and even loss of tooth.

Avoid pain – A broken filling will not cause pain but if it is not treated, the dentine of the tooth gets exposed to bacteria from food and drinks. This may develop a pulp infection soon.

Lessen dental costs – Performing quick treatment of a tooth will be less expensive than requiring implant extraction or root canal therapy. Ask your dentist about tooth filling price at the time of performing it.

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