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Emergency Root Canal Treatment in London

Root canal treatment is used by endodontists and emergency dentists to get rid of the infection from inner dental pulp causing toothache and damage. When it is not treated on time or gum infection turns into a dental emergency, urgent care is required to lessen painful symptoms. This can help to prevent spreading further infection through a root canal.

Our dentists have several years of experience and proper training to provide emergency treatments and quick relief from pain. There is the facility of same day appointments for existing and new patients at our clinic in London.

Causes of root canal infection

Tooth infection may occur due to various reasons such as gum disease and tooth decay. But some factor can be the wear of dentin layers and outer enamel. Tooth enamel wear occurs due to incorrect method of brushing teeth, improper dental hygiene, formation of bacteria and plaque, inadequate diet with foods which are high in sugar, acid, teeth grinding and oral injury.

The infections may cause oral abscess that spreads pain throughout the face and jaw. Having emergency dental care to drain the abscess and remove all infection will enable the recovery of healthy gum tissue without painful symptoms.

How to prevent a root canal

Early detection and treatment of infection, tooth decay, disease and gum inflammation help individuals to obtain proper dental care for stronger teeth and healthy gums. In order to clean teeth by the professionals, scaling and polishing is necessary to get rid of plaque and tartar and reach those areas which are not accessible by means of teeth cleaning at home.

The dentists provide teeth restorations and fillings to fill cavities and restore damaged teeth to prevent further infection. If you do not treat cavities and damaged teeth, it can increase your vulnerability to tooth infection. This requires emergency root canal therapy to get rid of infected dental pulp. There are some cases when gum disease may set in leading to tooth loss.

How to know whether you require a root canal

When you have the infection, the teeth may feel somewhat sensitive, particularly with changes in temperature. The tooth enamel wear or erode and the gum tissue gets inflamed and infected. If not treated, the trauma becomes a risk to your overall health.

If the condition gets worse or you suffer from throbbing toothache, it will not go away by using painkillers. The pain radiates from your teeth to the face and jaws. The pus collects in the infected area forming abscess and other symptoms which can be fever and headache. When it is not treated, these symptoms may become a dental emergency and require urgent treatment.

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Root canal treatment procedure

At first, the dentist will discuss about the steps of treatment process, necessary costs and aftercare. Patients are then given local anaesthetic to perform the treatment in a pain free way.

During the treatment, he drills a hole gently through the tooth enamel to access infected dental pulp. With the help of dental instruments, the infection will be removed from the root canal. In order to ensure that the inflammation is removed, you may need more than one appointment with the dentist.

The dental pulp includes blood and nerve vessels for your healthy structure of tooth. After the removal of infected tooth pulp, it gets replaced with gutta-percha for regaining inner function. Gutta-percha dental material seals tooth into your jaw bone to prevent re-occurrence of infection. There are certain cases where a dental restoration like crown may be required to cover your treated tooth.

How to perform a root canal therapy

The suitable way to determine whether the treatment has been successful is to take X-rays. You need to perform the X-ray before the tooth is closed with composite material. Root canal treatment done successfully shows the canal filled with gutta-percha at the bottom of the root. This reduces the chances of getting an infection developing in the empty area of root canal.

If you are worried about a root canal done earlier or you sense bad smell coming from your tooth, then get in touch with us today. We will evaluate your case thoroughly and then suggest re-do, if required.

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