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Emergency Dental Veneers in London Emergency Dental Veneers in London Emergency Dental Veneers in London
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Emergency Dental Veneers in London

If you are suffering from chipped or broken teeth, this is the most common dental emergency. You must see an emergency dentist right away and prevent further damage.

In case of a broken tooth, you should not try to implant broken fragments back into your gum line. Rather, put it in a container and the fragment should be covered with milk or saliva till you visit your emergency dentist. The fragment may be used for repairing your tooth. With dental veneers treatment, you will be able to solve the problem quickly.

How broken teeth can be treated with veneers

You may have chipped the edge of your front teeth. If this is the case, we would smoothen out uneven edge and replace missing part of your tooth through veneers treatment. When a molar gets broken, a part of chewing surface may be broken. We will then replace this missing part with dental veneers.

Having a tooth break may cause damage to the dental pulp which is the network of blood vessels and nerves. In this example, the root canal treatment may be needed to remove damaged pulp and prevent further infection. After the removal of pulp, we will be filling the leftover space and sealing your tooth with a filling or crown to protect it.

When you suffer from a broken tooth, call us at 02031376356 immediately to schedule an emergency dental veneers appointment.

How to perform veneers treatment

Dental veneers might be a suitable solution for you, if you are experiencing a cracked or chipped tooth. The procedure is done by our emergency dentists who have several years of experience and ensure to provide you with aesthetically pleasing smile.

When a tooth is extremely damaged and other procedures do not provide long-lasting results, our dentists suggest emergency dental veneers. We provide same day treatment to our patients when it is necessary.

Composite veneers

The layer-by-layer build veneers can regain your attractive smile with natural finish.

Our dentists provide emergency dental care and treatment to all patients who visit us. In cases, where a broken tooth can be treated with veneers, you can perform the treatment on the same day.  For the most complicated cases, our dentists may focus on pain management during your initial visit at our clinic. We will then schedule a follow-up appointment to complete your treatment.

How you can get dental veneers

At our clinic, we feel proud to work with the best dentists to provide dental veneer for broken or cracked tooth repair in emergency. We also offer patients with state-of-the-art equipment for their tooth repair.

You will have to book an appointment at our clinic and we will take care of your teeth in a comfortable and relaxed environment.

The procedure begins with thorough diagnosis and treatment planning. After evaluating the extent of your teeth damage, we will discuss about the treatment options and choose the right shade and type of veneers for you.

Contact us when you need to see an emergency dentist for veneers treatment!

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