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When you have serious dental pain or injury, you need immediate treatment.

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Dental Emergency London

Emergency Dentist London

Are you in severe pain and require urgent dental treatment? Emergency Dentist London Clinic provides effective and instant solutions for your dental emergencies. You do not have to register with us for availing our emergency dental services. Our aim is to ensure you get best dental care and treatment, in terms of quality and affordability.

What is a Dental Emergency?

Any kind of dental problem that requires immediate treatment for saving a tooth, stopping the tissue bleeding or lessening severe pain is known as dental emergency. Serious infection in your mouth can be risky for life and should be treated immediately. Your dentist is the right person to perform root canal or may refer you to an endodontic to overcome this problem.

Usually dentists set aside some time for emergency appointments and you should save contact details of your dentist for after hour service. Scheduling an appointment with the dentist at our clinic may take several days and if it is an oral emergency, you will need help immediately. Deciding on what can be said as dental emergency can be quite difficult for most of us.

The dentists usually give advice when you call them or ask to visit their place during their working hours. If you require emergency dental care with a 24 hour dentist, you can count on us at Emergency Dentist in London where our dental practitioners are always there for you, anytime you need their assistance. Emergency Dentist London Clinic is always there during any kind of dental emergency, such as tooth injury or gum problems that can be serious and so, should not be ignored. Avoiding a dental problem may increase the risk associated with permanent damage and more expensive treatment in future.

It is important to keep in mind that with some dental emergencies, visiting a dentist within 30 minutes or even less could actually mean the difference between saving and losing your tooth.

Some situations that are related to dental emergencies are:

  • Sudden injury to the jaw, teeth or mouth
  • Excessive pain that cannot be controlled with over-the counter medication
  • Severe swelling in the face, neck or mouth

Video – Dental Emergency steps

Watch our exclusive video on dental emergency treatment to understand the difference between saving and losing a tooth in the procedure.

Common Dental Emergencies

Toothache – You need warm water for rinsing your mouth properly. Floss daily to get rid of food particles stuck in between the tooth. If the mouth has become swollen, you may apply cold compress on the cheek or mouth. Do not take pain killer to ease the pain and discomfort caused to the gums. See your dental practitioner as early as you can.

Chipped or broken teeth – Rinse your mouth with warm water and keep the broken teeth pieces saved until you visit a dentist. If there is bleeding, try to use a piece of gauze on the affected area for atleast 10 minutes or till the bleeding stops. Apply a cold compress on the outside of your cheeks, lips or mouth near broken/chipped tooth to relieve pain and uneasiness.

Knocked out tooth – Hold the tooth by the crown and rinse off the root with water when dirty. Try to put the tooth back in its place and do not force it into the socket. If the tooth cannot be re-inserted in the socket, then store it in a milk container till you see your dentist.

Extruded (partially dislodged) tooth – You will have to apply cold compress to the outside of your cheeks or mouth on the affected area to ease the pain till you go to your dentist. You can take over-the-counter pain reliever to get rid of the uneasiness and discomfort.

Small food particles in between the teeth – Flossing thoroughly can help you remove small food particles that have got stuck in between your teeth. If you cannot remove the object, it is advised to see your dentist immediately. However, you should not use pin or sharp object to remove the object stuck between the teeth.

If you are suffering from knocked out or chipped tooth, it is important to see a dentist immediately for urgent dental care service. In case you delay the oral issue, chances are it will become severe and you may even have to lose your teeth. It is advised to call dentist for routine checkups and know the condition of your oral health. This will enable you to have strong and healthy teeth and gums.

Do you offer Dental Emergency?

Emergency Dentist London clinic is located at Central London. At our 24 hour emergency dental clinic, the practitioners offer effective solutions for all kinds of dental emergencies. No matter if you are living in North London, South London and West London, we connect you with some of the qualified and experienced dentists in and around London. As dental emergencies can happen to anyone and at anytime, we take utmost care of your safety and comfort. Give a call to 02031376356 for quick relief. We will schedule your appointment with dentists who will look after your oral complications immediately.

Benefits of our Dental Emergency services

  • Solve the problem of severe tooth pain quickly
  • There is no need to wait for several days or weeks to get necessary treatment
  • If you suffer from broken or damaged tooth, we can address your oral concerns, and increase the chances of saving your tooth
  • Same day appointment and after hour appointment
  • Effective treatment to relieve the pain and discomfort
  • Treatment to get rid of infection or unexpected trauma
  • Necessary treatment for excess bleeding

Our services include:

  • Urgent dental care and treatment
  • Sunday dentist in London
  • NHS emergency dentist
  • Dentist available during weekend
  • Out of hour dentist
How to Book an Emergency Appointment

How Do I know I have a Dental Emergency?

Having strong and healthy teeth is very important in our daily life, whether we are smiling with friends or eating food. However, when you bite something hard, there is excess pressure in the teeth that can lead to dental injuries. So, how will you do if you have a dental emergency?

  • Head Injury – Did you had a fall recently from the bike, stairs or while walking in the street and have broken or lost your teeth? The first priority is to go to the nearest dentist for emergency dental treatment in order to avoid further serious complications.
  • Avulsed Teeth – The teeth that has completely been knocked out and cause excessive pain and bleeding is known as avulsed teeth. In this case you can avail immediate help from losing your teeth permanently.
  • Extruding Teeth – This usually happens due to sudden collision, however like an avulsed tooth, it does not fall out from the mouth. An extruded tooth might either be protruding, out from its position or hanging from the thread of tissue. Though your teeth might not bleed and you can still push the tooth back to its position.
  • Broken Tooth – Even if your broken teeth are not bleeding, it does not mean in any way that you do not require emergency dental treatment. Though it is possible to see your dentist the next day, the teeth should be seen immediately if it has sharp edge.
  • Severe Pain– Dental pain can be unbearable in any situation. However, if you are experiencing severe pain in the jaw, it is advised to visit our dental care clinic. While there might not be any physical symptoms associated with extruded or broken teeth, an X-ray should be performed to know about further treatment.
  • Excess Bleeding – If there is excessive bleeding even after few minutes, the situation is serious and can become worse until you see a dentist. Make sure you take immediate action as it can create a big difference between saving or losing your teeth.
dental problem
dental emergency

Can you get Emergency Dental appointments?

If you are in need of urgent dental appointments, contact our Emergency Dentist London Clinic and get emergency treatment today. Our experts are there to guide anytime you need their assistance and quick support. We offer same day appointment facility during emergency. Our dental practice is open on weekends and even after out of hour service. Thus, our dentists are there for urgent help as soon as you give us a call.

Steps of Dental Emergency treatment

Did you lose a tooth recently? Don’t panic and call our Emergency Dentist in London at 02031376356. If you have already given a call, have a look at some scenarios that will suit your dental emergency and follow these simple directions.

  • Loose Tooth – It can happen due to injury or trauma to the face while playing some sports or other activities. It is advised to call our 24 hr dentist to solve the problem.
  • Knocked Tooth – It requires taking necessary steps and paying proper attention as the tooth has got knocked out. Certain things you need to do before getting our services:
  • Find the tooth and avoid touching the root in order to avoid any kind of damage.
  • Rinse the tooth with warm water or milk, however do not scrub it.
  • Try to insert the tooth back into the socket for adults but do not follow the step in case of a child.
  • If you cannot insert the tooth back to its place, store it safely in a small container of milk till you rush to your dentist. It is advised not to panic if the incident has happened after office hours or during the weekend. At our dental clinic, weekend dentist and out of hours dentist available who will take care of the situation.
  • Toothache – Use warm water to rinse mouth and floss daily to remove food particles lodged in between the teeth. If your mouth has got swollen, apply cold compress on the cheek to lessen the pain.
  • Missing Filling or Crown – It might get lost due to eating hard food, injury or trauma. In this situation, the tooth gets exposed to bacteria, germs and change in temperature that may be the reason for sensitivity or pain. Seek an appointment with an emergency dentist to fill the cavity.
  • Chipped Tooth – Your teeth may get fractured or chipped due to trauma or injury. Teeth grinding is a common reason for this dental problem. It is suggested to rinse mouth using warm water and apply cold compress on the cheek in case there is pain or swelling.

Emergency dental treatments

Dental treatment Healing period
Loose tooth Occurs due to injury or trauma during sports or other activities. See a dental expert as soon as possible
Knocked tooth Find the tooth and do not touch the root to avoid any damage. Rinse it with warm water till you visit your dentist
Toothache Rinse your mouth with warm water and floss properly to get rid of food particles stuck in between the teeth

Steps for dental emergency procedure

Dental treatment Healing period
Missing crown It may be lost due to some injury, trauma or eating hard food. Fix an appointment with an emergency dentist soon.
Chipped tooth Teeth may get chipped due to injury or trauma. If there is swelling or severe pain, rinse with warm water and apply cold compress on your cheeks
Other serious cases Call up your dentist and get ready for a trip to his clinic. He will check your dental health and then provide effective treatment based on the complexity of your situation.

There are various situations that might be the reason to call your dentist for a trip to the emergency dental treatment. It is a good decision to consult with the experts as he/she can evaluate your dental condition and suggest the right treatment for your case.

What shall I do after Dental Emergency appointment?

You may Call Emergency Dentist London clinic at 02031376356 and get in touch with emergency dentist for your oral complications. After fixing your appointment, the dentist will evaluate the condition of your mouth. This will help him to take care of your oral problems in a better way and then offer the most effective treatment for your condition. In case you aren’t happy with the treatment provided by dentist, feel free to discuss with him about the issue. This will help to build good relation between you and your dentist and get necessary advice on oral health in future.

Why is regular check-up important after Dental Emergency?

Regular check-up is important after dental emergency as it helps maintain good health and oral hygiene. Usually, dentists who provide dental services at Emergency Dentist London clinic suggest examining your teeth and mouth after every 6 months to prevent any oral disease. However, there are various reasons why six-month regular check-up is necessary. Some of these include:

How much does a Dental Emergency cost?

Dental emergencies can be life-threatening based on the complexity of the case. If you need urgent help, visit Emergency Dentist in London where we will fix your appointment with an experienced dentist who will treat your oral complications immediately.

Fees correct as of March 2017

OUT OF HOURS From £189.00
POSTERIOR From £85.00
SIMPLE £150.00
COMPLEX From £250.00
CROWNS PER UNIT From £595.00
BRIDGE PER UNIT From £595.00


What does the cost depend on?

Are you looking for urgent care dental clinic in London? You can walk in at Emergency Dentist London Clinic where the dentists are always there 24 hours a days for any kind of oral checkups and necessary treatment. Contact today to fix an appointment for improved oral health.

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