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Our Emergency Dental Services
Dental Trauma Emergency Dentist
Dental Trauma

Dental trauma is an injury to your teeth, jaw, mouth and the surrounding soft tissues. This can expose the inner tissue of the tooth to an infection and may even require a root canal therapy.

Toothache – Emergency  Dental  Care

Toothache is when a patient suffers from severe pain in and around the problematic tooth and the jaw. It may occur due to abscessed tooth, fracture in the tooth, damaged fillings, infected gums and teeth grinding.

Swollen Gums
Swollen Gums

Swollen gums turn red, puffy and these are early symptoms of gum disease. You should talk to your dentist as soon as possible in order to prevent further damage.

Dental Injury
Dental Injury

Most dental injuries take place due to bad falls, sport accidents, knocks to the face, knocked out tooth, fractured and extruding teeth.


Emergency Dentist London for Urgent Dental Care

Our emergency dentist provides urgent dental care services throughout the year at our state-of-the-art dental clinic in London. We’re strategically located at the Ground Floor of 70 Great Russel Street, Holborn, London. Our dentists are dedicated to provide round-the-clock service so that we can help you if you have emergency dental needs. We not only offer same-day appointments but also accept patients on Saturdays and Sundays if they find the weekend more suitable. Please feel free to call us at 02031376356 or drop an e-mail at to book your appointment.

Dental emergencies can occur at any time, making you feel completely helpless. Our out-of-hours dental emergency service proves helpful in providing you with any urgent dental concerns and problems.

Don’t hesitate to avail our urgent dental care in cases like severe toothache, chipped or knocked out tooth, broken denture, fallen out crown, dental trauma, swollen gums and others.

Our Emergency dentist possesses an impressive track record in providing fast relief to your problem.

Why patients choose us for emergency dental care?

  • Emergency dentist near you in the area of London.
  • Anyone can book an online dentist appointment or by calling our telephone during working hours.
  • We handle emergency dental cases on immediate basis so that patients can get quick relief.
  • We’ve a robust team of qualified dentists and experienced support staff to ensure greater value of your money.
  • Our appointment slots are available from early mornings to late evenings including the weekend.
  • We provide comprehensive treatment solutions to every case that comes our way using the latest technology at affordable prices.
  • Our experts are reputed to handle nervous patients with great comfort.

We provide emergency services on Saturday and Sunday

Are you suffering from severe pain and discomfort? Do you need an urgent dental treatment?

We allow patients to book their appointments online during the weekend. Our dentists prioritise each case and provide appointments on Saturdays and Sundays to help you overcome the pain and suffering. Dental trauma, swollen gums, crowns that have fallen out, broken dentures, toothache and dental injury are some issues that require out of hour dental care during emergencies.

You may call our dentists for all your urgent dental care!


When do you need a dental emergency appointment?

How to Book an Emergency Appointment

What can you expect after calling our dental emergency number?

  • By calling the helpline number of our emergency dentist, you will be connected with our multi-lingual customer service team. You will be requested to provide your details such as name and contact number.
  • We will see you at the earliest appointment slot available, as per your convenience.
  • You will be provided with detailed directions along with parking information to reach our dental clinic.
  • We ensure to provide urgent dental care to patients and aim to resolve their concerns quickly and effectively.

To book an emergency dentist appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 02031376356. If you require an out of hour’s appointment, get in touch with our dentist by just sending your message below.

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