Tips on Broken Denture Repairing

Emergency Dentist Offers Tips on Broken Denture Repairing

Posted on : 29th Mar 2018

No one claims dentures to be unbreakable. Dentures can get damaged and break, which makes eating, chewing and swallowing food difficult in, and also affect speech.  An oral health expert in London has some tried and tested solutions for you to manage the situation with a broken denture.

“First, let’s share some good news,” says the emergency dentist in Islington. “Dentures can be repaired – both permanently and for the time being.” To start with let’s learn the reasons why they break in the first place.

Reasons why dentures break

  • One of the main reasons for broken dentures is your ever-advancing age. As you keep growing older, the shape of your jaws along with the entire face keeps changing. As a result, your dentures will gradually become loose and less fitted. Because of this, they become more and more inconvenient to wear and more prone to breaking.
  • They also undergo regular wear and tear resulting from normal actions like chewing and talking.

Different types of damages to dentures

Damages to dentures can be categorised differently and not all these damages compel you to seek emergency oral treatment. It is absolutely for them to get stained or chipped. In serious cases, they can either be cracked or completely broken. Our oral healthcare specialist provide urgent service for dental emergencies in London says, a broken denture is tough to repair. It is always better to repair or replace your broken or troublesome dentures as soon as possible.

Denture repair

  • It is comparatively easier to repair the cracked dentures. You can fuse the pieces together with an adhesive. If a denture has lost teeth, take it to a professional oral healthcare expert. He can easily match the shade of the new tooth with that of the existing one. On the other hand, broken dentures are a little more challenging to repair. You need to collect all the pieces and like a jigsaw puzzle, fit them correctly and then fuse them together. If you leave gaps amidst the broken pieces, the denture will be difficult to fit.
  • These days, fine quality of materials is available to facilitate the bonding of a broken denture parts.

Denture repairing destinations

Usually, what happens when you have your dentures is your dentist takes the impression of your teeth in a mould and send it to the laboratory to be made. One of the best places to have your broken dentures repaired is these specialist laboratories. In fact, our oral healthcare specialist emergency dentist in Islington says, approaching such special dental laboratories directly will help you save unnecessary delay in shipment of the product.

Repairing dentures properly requires mastering special skill set. It is better if you avoid trying to fix your own broken dentures. However, in emergency situations, you can always perform some stop-gap repair yourself.

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