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8 Reasons to Clean Teeth from the Professionals to Avoid Oral Concerns

Posted on : 26th May 2020

Do you clean your teeth at least two times in a day? Well, brushing and flossing are extremely important to keep them strong and healthy. Using an electric toothbrush can help in knowing if you are cleaning for at least 2 minutes. Make sure you use Fluoride contained toothpaste and rinse properly to prevent the accumulation of bacteria and germs inside your mouth.

So, why do you need to clean your teeth from the dentists? There are several reasons for getting your teeth professionally cleaned even though you practice good oral hygiene habits at home. Read on to know some reasons behind this.

  1. Detect the tartar and plaque build-up – Despite how well you clean teeth at home, there will be some accumulation of plaque overtime due to bacteria and minerals within the saliva. It is almost impossible to follow dental hygiene however hard you may try. Maintaining good oral health habits can prevent dental problems greatly. When plaque hardens to dental calcium known as tartar, it cannot be removed without taking help of a professional.  In case it is not treated on time, it will eat away the teeth making them weak and susceptible to other dental concerns.
  2. Perform the entire teeth properly – It is necessary to check all orders of your mouth where you really can. When you brush properly, you think that the front part of the teeth appears good but you do not know about the molars. These areas generally require more attention as they seem to be close to the salivary glands and can built-up plaque. If you need to undergo emergency dental treatment in London, then you might require a thorough cleaning of your mouth. Plaque may accumulate behind fixed metal retainers by following orthodontic treatment and implants should be cleaned properly to avoid the infection.
  3. Teeth cleaning is painless – The appointments with your hygienist are made comfortable and can be done efficiently. The initial treatment is performed with the latest technology that uses the combination of fine powder and water to get rid of tartar and surface stains. The cleaning will be more effective and focused that can be achieved at home. Many patients have said that the treatment is painless and some of them have fallen asleep in the chair when the cleaning is done. There are comfort aids available too such as numbing agents in case you face extreme sensitivity.
  4. Improve your confidence level – Getting your teeth cleaned from a hygienist can provide little boost that you might require before attending an interview or going to a party. After the cleaning is done, your teeth will be cleaner and your smile will appear brighter. Make sure you get rid of stain marks that occur due to the intake of tea, coffee, wine and smoking in a single appointment only. Visiting a dental hygienist can help to maintain your whiter smile after you may undergo whitening treatment.
  5. Prevent the problem of gum disease – As per the statistics, gum disease is certainly a matter of concern and mostly adults will suffer from some gum disease at some point of time in their life. Most of them can detect it at the earliest stage which is known as gingivitis. During this stage, there will probably be some form of gum swelling, potential bleeding due to brushing and bad breath or halitosis. Furthermore, gingivitis may be the reason for periodontitis which is another serious condition in which the bones will be eroded and the teeth may become loose, weak and also fall out.

    Gum disease can occur due to the accumulation of bacteria. You need to fix routine appointments with a dental hygienist who can help to get rid of the deposits that usually create the environment leading to gum disease. By considering periodontitis, it has been associated with other dental conditions such as – diabetes, heart problems, problems in pregnancy and potentially cancer. Hence, it is true to say that regular as well as short appointments for professional cleaning may help to avoid the commencement of bigger oral concerns in future. Thus, investing a little time now in solving your dental concerns can help to avoid major complications later.
  6. Suitable chance to detect other oral concerns – When you schedule an appointment with the hygienist, he will try to detect other concerns that might require further investigation. Oral lesions and suspected areas can usually be left ignored at home but by addressing them during the appointments can prevent a seemingly small issue from growing into serious concern. Conducting a BPE or basic periodontal examination and plaque score should be taken at the time of each dental hygiene appointment. This can help to assess the problem of gum disease and ensure your healthy gums are properly maintained.
  7. Regular mouth cleanings – There are dental plans that actually cover regular mouth cleanings to ensure improved oral health and lessen the chances of costly dentistry in future. Even if you do not have a dental insurance, then a professional cleaning might not be a costly method and its benefits will be worth your mouth. With a professional mouth cleaning, your teeth will remain healthy and maintain optimum oral health. Every person has their own dental health based on various factors such as – diet, lifestyle, genetics and certain medications. Your hygienist may suggest how often you should revisit him within a specific period based on your oral health condition. By maintaining regular appointments with a dental hygienist, you will be able to complete your dental hygiene routine and keep your mouth in good condition.

Thus, you need to visit Emergency Dentist London where the dentists and dental hygienist can help to get your teeth and mouth cleaned so that they stay strong and healthy. This will enable you to prevent the unwanted problem of gum disease and other serious oral concerns in future.

Due to Corona Virus we do not perform Dental Hygiene at the moment but will resume as soon as its safe for our patients and our team.

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