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One never knows when an acute dental condition is about to strike. There is hardly any circumstance – related to our health and illness - that is as painful as toothache. Such conditions need to be treated in an emergency basis. Emergency Dentist London is the reliable name to resolve all your dental emergencies in the best possible way. Give us a call at 02031376356 so that we can immediately book you an appointment with our proficient dentist and finally, relieve you from your suffering.

We are proud of our outstanding efficiency in restoring your oral health even at a moment’s notice. 

Our clinic offers:

Attending to emergencies whenever required

Whenever a crisis situation strikes, irrespective of the day or the time, we appreciate you relying on our outstanding service. We attend to emergency situations on an emergency basis, booking you a slot at the earliest available opportunity. We also consider the degree of severity before booking you. 

Your time of convenience is our time of service. We are open late evenings, weekends, bank holidays, Easter, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

Facilitating fast treatment and pain relief in dental emergencies

Our service is swift, precise and effective and we go the extra mile to restore your smile. The range of our service encompasses:


Providing you dental comfort is our sole priority. Our dentists ensure you receive everything required to make the speediest recovery.

In case, you need an emergency dental service, just put through a call at 02031376356 now.

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