Intolerable Toothache

Intolerable Toothache - Listen to What Your Teeth Say

Posted on : 21st Sep 2016

Your mouth deals with a variety of food stuffs, beverages and other substances which can sometimes harm your teeth. The most common and susceptible effect on your teeth is a sudden ache. It can be alarming at times and demands instant attention. Several dental clinics in London provide quick aid for the purpose. Continue reading to know more about its causes and the appropriate time to visit a dentist.

Causes of toothache

This may occur due to inflammation of the dental pulp and a situation like this may arise due to:

  • Decayed tooth – This results in cavities in the teeth surface which cause severe pain
  • Receding gums – The gums contract and exposes the underlying sensitive and soft parts in the mouth
  • Cracked tooth – Small cracks are not visible to naked eye
  • Broken or loose fillings – When your temporary or recent filling gets eroded
  • Periapical abscesses –When a bacterial infection forms pus in the pulp

Other reasons may include:

  • Gum ulcers – ulcers on your gums may cause unbearable pain in the neighboring teeth
  • Jaw injury – an injury in the part of the jaw that connects with the skull
  • Sinusitis – severe pain around the upper jaw
  • Periodontal abscess – pus formation in the gums due to a bacterial infection
  • Sore gums – swelling or soreness in gums when your wisdom tooth comes in

Treatment for pain in the molars

The kind of treatment prescribed depends on the type of toothache and the exact cause of the discomfort. To decide on the appropriate solution, the dental expert will take x-ray of the problematic molar in order to identify the root cause.

In case of a decayed tooth, the damaged area will be cleaned and filling will be inserted to eradicate pain. If you have a loose or broken filling, the decayed area is replaced with a new filling. If the discomfort occurs due to infected pulp, root canal treatment is the most suitable solution. It removes the infected pulp followed by insertion of a special filling to prevent further damage to the molar. For severe complications, you may have to get the painful molar extracted from its socket.

Avoid teeth pain and discomfort

In order to stay away from the problems of severe pain and discomfort, it is important to maintain a better oral health and hygiene. For this, you should:

  • Brush twice a day with fluoride toothpaste
  • Limit sugary intakes such as drinks and sweets
  • Regularly floss your teeth to keep them free from food particles
  • Use a medicated mouthwash to have fresher breath
  • Give up Smoking to avoid dental problems

In case of sudden ache which turns out to be unbearable in minutes, you should get down for emergency dental services. The dental expert at service will perform necessary checkups and provide you suitable medication to help relieve the pain. Your dentist may also suggest you for routine checkups to reduce the complications in future.

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