5 Great Tips to Prevent a Toothache

Posted on : 9th Jun 2021

As parents, you will never want to see your kid suffer from the severe toothache. Instead of making your kid feel uncomfortable, a toothache denotes serious dental problem. A child may suffer from a toothache in case small food particles get stuck in between the teeth. This can denote a tooth ache, gum disease, dental abscess or cracked tooth enamel. This blog discusses about 5 tips to stay away from having a severe toothache.

  1. Teach your child proper brushing habits – As parents, you should know that good dental hygiene habits starts from the birth of your kid. You should clean the teeth of your baby by using soft-bristled toothpaste once in a day. Begin with a tiny bit of the toothpaste till their teeth starts popping out. Use fluoride contained toothpaste as they can help in the prevention of tooth decay. You may increase the amount of toothpaste to only a pea-size for the kids who are within 3 to 6 years and brush teeth or assist them properly. Make sure your kid spits out the toothpaste and they should not swallow it. Children who are in the age group of 9 or 10 years will have many permanent teeth and so, they can use an adult toothbrush. Teeth should be brushed within 5 to 10 minutes after your eating.
  2. Practice the habit of flossing daily – If you want to get rid of small food particles stuck inside your mouth and improve gum health, then you should teach kids to floss daily. This can avoid periodontal (gum) disease when they become older. From the early age, they will get comfortable without any kind of food stuck between the teeth.
  3. Avoid cavities by taking healthy diet – Unlike proper dental hygiene habits, a healthy diet starts from birth. You should not nurse your baby without drinking water at night. Any kind of juice might have sugar in them and this may be the reason for the formation of bacteria. You should take a well-balanced diet that has vegetables, grains, fruits and dairy products for your strong bones and healthy teeth. It is suggested that you restrict the intake of sugar as well as starch in order to protect teeth and lessen the chances of cavities.
  4. Protect teeth when playing sports – With the help of mouthguards and helmets when playing any sports, you can actually lessen the chances of oral injury that may lead to a broken or chipped tooth, other than preventing a toothache. Make sure you teach your kid how to use scissors safely so that they do not use teeth for opening food packages and other items.
  5. See your dentist for routine check ups – It is important to consider how often you are taking your kid for a checkup from the dentist. Dental trips should start as early as possible when your child gets his first tooth and not later than his first birthday. They need to see the dentist in every 6 months to get their teeth and gums examined and cleaned by the professionals. With routine dental visits, you can avoid toothaches, mouth cavities and other oral problems. So, a pediatric dentist specialises in providing dental care for the infants as well as children.

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