Oral Cavity

Resolving Pain Causing from High Filling in Your Oral Cavity

Posted on : 30th Nov 2017

Have you ever been to a dentist’s office to get a filling done? If you have, you may remember, how the expert placed a tiny piece of paper in your mouth and told you to bite both the jaws on it together. Then, he asked you whether that was feeling too high. If the dental fillings are not evened out properly, it may lead to the problem of uneven bite. Oral health experts in London further caution, in worse case scenario, high filling in the tooth may cause pain and discomfort.

A weekend dentist explains the reason behind the pain inflciting from uneven or high filling. Your tooth is supported on your jawbone by a layer of thin tissue, called the periodontal ligament. When a filling is left too high, it gets the tooth excessively pressed down. This damages the tender periodontal ligament. The accurate term in dentistry to denote this condition is symptomatic apical periodontitis or acute apical periodontitis.

How to resolve the pain: If the pain becomes unbearable, you may try out the over-the-counter anelgesics or painkillers. However, this will only numb your pain for the time being. For complete recovery from the problem, you need to remove the cause of the pain. This means, you need to visit your dentist again and tell him about this problem. Grinding down the high filling and re-checking your bite should not take more than 10 minutes at the most. Our weekend dentist in London doesn’t charge for this service. In fact, most oral health specialists don’t charge for this. After all, they didn’t grind it down to the right shape in the first place.

After-care: After the high filling is grinded to size, the periodontal ligament will still need a few days to get healed. Make sure that no additional stress is placed on it in the meanwhile. It usually takes anywhere in between a week and two to for the affected ligament to get cured. If you still experience pain after two weeks, book an urgent appointment with your oral health expert.

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