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Handling Cases of Emergency Dental Treatment Now Easier

Posted on : 28th Dec 2017

This is a real life incident. Mr. A, father of two (one 4 and the other 7) was busy with the newspaper at home on a holiday. It was around 10 in the morning, his wife had gone to fetch some grocery and both the sons were outdoors, at the colony playground with neighbours’ kids. Suddenly, there was a sound as if someone pounded on the door with an uncanny emergency. Some of the kids had come to inform him that the younger son accidently slipped his step and landed on the face upon the hard playground.

The kid was in a pool of blood and as far as it could be seen, the two of the front teeth were missing. Let’s not describe the severe pain the child was suffering from. Mr. A kept his calm, picked up the car key and called up his wife’s mobile, directing her to reach the neighbourhood emergency dental treatment centre at the earliest.

As such, mishaps like this may happen any time at any household. Experienced dentists  in London also point out, this is not the only type of emergency cases they handle. According to them, the most important thing to remember in every emergency dental situation is keep your cool. Once you lose that, you will start making the worng decisions and as a result, the patient will have to undergo greater pain and suffering. Here’re some practically tested guidelines to make handling emergency dental conditions with greater ease.

  • Throbbing tooth ache all on a sudden: Suppose, your child wakes you up in the dead of night, complaining of throbbing pain in the mouth. Prepare a glass of warm water and add a tablespoon of salt to it. Hand over the solution and instruct her to rinse the mouth well with it. This emergency dental treatment proves helpful to minimise the pain. Take the child for a thorough checkup to a reliable oral health expert for children first thing in the morning.
  • Severely fractured jaw: It is also common for children to suffer from serious traumas, that result in severely fractured jaws. Such cases also require immediate clinical care and attention. Rush the young patient to a nearby hospital as fast as possible. Do your best, so that the child is not affected by nervousness or fear.

Remember, it is really difficult to implant the baby tooth, as it severely damages the upcoming adult, permanent teeth. In the cases of knocked out tooth or teeth, do not forget to carry the knocked-out tooth to the dentist, after dropping it in a cup of cold water or milk. This will help keeping the network of nerves in the tooth alive, which in turn will make the restoration procedure easier and successful. Emergency dentist in Central London suggest, do not even think about washing the dirt from the knocked out molar using a hard towel or a napkin for the same reason.

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