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Your Guide to Book Appointment with an Emergency Dentist

Posted on : 11th Mar 2020

Anyone may require emergency dental treatment at any time. Finding an emergency dentist in your area within a short notice may prove difficult. So, what will you do in such a situation? How are you going to cope with that crisis?

Qualified dentists in London share a few tried and tested tips for you in the following sections of the blog post to tackle such situations easily.

The most important thing to remember in those situations is not to lose your cool. Once you hit the panic button, the situation will gradually become worse from bad very fast. It is also important to know the situations in which you should only look for an emergency dentist instead of dentists who attend patients during regular hours.

Emergency dental care and treatment

An emergency dentist in London says that seeking emergency dental care becomes crucial in a number of situations, which include the following:

  • An accident or trauma that leaves your mouth or teeth severely damaged.
  • An avulsed tooth or loss of a tooth.
  • A loosened tooth or tooth knocked out of alignment (technically called extruded tooth).
  • A fractured tooth or crack developed on it.
  • Unbearable pain in a tooth without any visual damage.
  • An abscess or infection.
  • The wound developed in the cheek, lips or tongue without any damage to the teeth.
  • Loss of a crown or a filling.
  • Massive pain, swelling or bleeding resulting from any dental treatment like a root canal, dental implants and others.

If you suffer from any of the conditions mentioned above, you should better rush to the nearest emergency dentist. To see an emergency dentist for any urgent dental care or treatment you may either:

  • Visit a hospital that has an emergency dental care unit.
  • Make an emergency appointment with a dentist on the same day or the very next day.
  • Book a routine appointment to get treated.

Usually, conditions like a chipped tooth or a mild toothache do not qualify for emergency dental treatment. Toothache that turns from bad to worse indicates cavity. You should make an appointment with your dentist on an urgent basis to get the tooth treated. On the other hand, a lost filling won’t give you pain and yet it is important to fix the problem urgently so that other parts of the tooth do not break off.

Handling dental emergencies in the UK

Some dental conditions are serious enough and demand an immediate visit to the hospital. These include:

  • Severe bleeding from the mouth that cannot be controlled.
  • Unbearable pain in the mouth in spite of taking pain-killers.
  • Trauma affecting the face, tooth or the mouth resulting from an accident.

In case a tooth has been knocked out, just see a 24-hour emergency dentist right away. The earlier the treatment starts, the higher the chance is of re-implanting it back in your oral socket.

Meanwhile, make sure that the roots of that tooth do not dry up. Try placing the tooth back in its place in the mouth or carry it along to an emergency dentist in a cup of cold water or milk. 

You probably do not need an emergency dentist if:

  • There’s no severe pain.
  • No tooth has come out loose or gets knocked out.
  • There’s no bleeding from your mouth.

In such cases, you can book an emergency appointment with your regular dentist or see a walk-in dentist nearby to get the necessary treatment.

Finding an emergency dentist near me

A dental emergency may occur at any time, any day. If you have a dental emergency during normal working hours, just book an emergency appointment with a local dentist quickly. Dentists do make out time from their packed schedule to attend to such cases on an urgent basis.

Emergency dental appointment beyond normal working hours

The situation becomes complicated when you are in need of urgent dental care and treatment at the dead of night or on days when dental practices normally stay closed. In such situations, you need to find an out-of-hours dentist to facilitate immediate treatment.

If the fact is to be spoken, finding an emergency dentist on Sundays and bank holidays or even at night is a little tough. Here are some tips to try out in such circumstances:

  • Call your regular dentist and ask for help. Many regular dentists maintain a recorded message in their answering machine to guide patients in finding an out-of-hour dentist to provide emergency treatments.
  • If your regular dentist or dental practice fails to provide help, dial NHS 111 service for their advice.
  • You should try calling other private dental practices in the locality.
  • You can also log into the Toothpick website to locate an available dentist nearby.

Cost of emergency dental treatments in the UK

In emergency situations related to your mouth, the treatment cost is obviously not the first thing that you remain concerned about. Yet, you should better stay aware of it. Private emergency dentists usually charge higher compared to their NHS counterparts.

An emergency dentist in Islington says that some of his colleagues charge a fixed price for treatment beyond the normal practice hours while others charge according to the treatment required. Cases like dental abscess and re-implanted tooth are more costly at any emergency dentist than other dental treatment facilities.

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