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Strong Teeth and Healthy Gums

10 Great Ways for Your Strong Teeth and Healthy Gums

Posted on : 23rd Jan 2019

Healthy teeth are about brushing twice a day and flossing daily to keep them in good condition. Though you may have a proper set of steps that you follow, it is essential to take the necessary steps advised by our expert dentists so that you can take proper care of your teeth and prevent unnecessary problems in the future. Make sure you use the right oral care products and practice good dental habits to maintain good oral health. This blog will discuss some steps that you can follow for strong teeth and a clean mouth.

  1. Brush teeth before going to bed – Dentists suggest that you should be brushing your teeth at least two times in a day. Yet, many people neglect brushing at night which causes bacteria and plaque in the mouth to build up. You should brush once in the morning and once before sleeping to ensure a clean and healthy mouth.
  2. Brush your teeth properly – The way you brush your teeth is very important as improper brushing will do more harm than good. Make sure that you are moving the brush in circular motions so that you can get rid of the plaque that can build up calculus and start to form gum disease.
  3. Clean your tongue properly – Plaque can accumulate on your tongue which causes bad odor in the mouth and become the cause to other dental problems. Make sure you clean your tongue properly every time you brush your teeth.
  4. Use a fluoride contained toothpaste – When choosing your toothpaste, there are different elements that must be considered, not just whitening power and flavors. Make sure it contains fluoride so that you can fight against germs that cause tooth decay and acts as a protective barrier for your teeth.
  5. Make flossing your daily habit – Flossing daily is as equally important as brushing, otherwise you cannot remove the small food particles stuck in between your teeth. There are tools such as ready-to-use flossers so that you can floss daily. This is a suitable way to reduce the plaque build up in your mouth and stimulate gums and reduce gum inflammation.
  6. Use a mouthwash for cleaning – Mouthwash helps in cleaning those hard-to-brush areas where the toothbrush cannot reach properly. They reduce the acid formed in your mouth and re-mineralise your teeth. The dentist may suggest using a mouthwash so that you can keep your mouth clean and healthy throughout the day.
  7. Drink sufficient amount of water – Drinking lots of water is essential to improve your oral and overall health. Make sure you drink water after consuming each of your meals to wash out the negative effects of acidic and sticky foods and beverages when you are unable to brush your teeth.
  8. Enjoy crunchy vegetables and fruits – When it is about taking care of your teeth, eat crunchy fruits and vegetables that have healthy fiber in them and are the best choice for maintaining an excellent dental health. Avoid eating mushy processed foods and do not cut things in small pieces as they can get stuck between your teeth.
  9. Limit acidic and sugary foods – Sugar forms acid in your mouth that can damage the tooth enamel. These acidic substances form cavities while acidic fruits, tea and coffee can wear down the enamel. Though you do not have to avoid taking all those foods at the same time, restricting them can improve your dental health significantly.
  10. See your dentist two times in a year – Your daily habits are important for your overall dental health. Still, the most obedient brushers and flossers should see a dentist once every six months. The dentist can help in detecting tooth cavities, remove calculus and find probable issues that can be fixed before it is too late.

You should visit the Smile 4 U Dental Practice and talk to our dental team in Croydon about your oral complications. Make sure that you follow the advice of the dentist so that you can get rid of any oral problems like cavities and gingivitis for an improved dental health.

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