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The First Steps to Combat Dental Emergency for Kids

Posted on : 22nd Nov 2017

Dental emergencies may crop up any moment and such circumstances are really some of the ever-memorable painful moments of life. Now, if such a calamity hits your kid, then as a doting parent you’re expected to get shattered and feel helpless. But the shattering and helplessness will never help the child to overcome the pain and the problem. So, let’s find out what you should do in such circumstances.

An expert, who works as a emergency dentist, provides the following tried and tested solutions for such cases.

  • Severe toothache: When your kid complains of severe toothache, ask him or her to identify the tooth that is causing the pain. However, they may not be able to zero in upon the exact problem tooth, but will definitely show you the problem area in their mouth. Mix warm water with normal tap water in equal proportion in a glass and add a spoon-full of table salt to it. Now, ask the child to gargle with it. Otherwise, if the patient is too young to gargle properly, apply a cold compress to the affected area. There are over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medicines avaialble in liquid form specially labelled for kids. Avail these medicines, till you get an appointment slot with the family dentist.
  • Lost tooth: A tooth loss problem should be treated in a pro-active way. You need to consult a dentist during emergency dental care. It is difficult to replant a knocked out tooth for children, as it can block the upcoming permanent tooth. If your child is above 14 and has all the permanent teeth in place, then you should rinse the kncoked out molar in cold water and place it back in the socket, before rushing your kid to the oral healthcare specialist. If the kid is badly injured, it may not be possible to place the knocked out molar back into its socket. In such cases, just drop it in a cup of cold water or milk and take the patient along with it to an oral health expert.
  • Fractured Jaw: Such cases demand immediate clinical care and guidance. Try to keep the patient calm and keep him in a seated or reclining position until the treatment starts.
  • Chipped molars: When a kid suffers from chipped or partially broken teeth, keep a close watch on him or her. The rough, uneven edges may cause cuts in the mouth, leading to heavy bleeding and ulceration. A cold compress often proves helpful to keep awaty swelling. Don’t forget to save the larger piece of the chipped molar in a glass of cold water or milk for the dental expert to take care of.

Specially, when there’re kids at home, then instead of “do you need emergency dental care?”, one should focus more on “when do you need emergency dental care?” Remember, the key is to keep yourself calm and steady. This will help you steer your child away from pain and the problem.

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