Cases of Dental Emergencies – Detailed Study

Cases of Dental Emergencies - A Detailed Study

Posted on : 30th Aug 2016

Dental emergencies can be overwhelming at times. This is something which can occur any time of the day irrespective of the place and situation. In such situations you need to take quick action to resolve the pain and discomfort. You can get access to a reputed emergency dental clinic in London for instant treatment. Read on to know about some common dental emergencies in detail.

Cases of Dental Emergencies:-

  • Unbearable tooth pain

    A sudden toothache can arise from tooth decay or a prolonged gum infection. You must visit a dental practitioner to subsidize the pain. You can use clove oil on the affected area to decrease the pain to some extent before you reach the clinic. Your dentist will heal you with proper medications and painkillers.

  • Knocked-out tooth

    You might get hurt while playing sports or accidentally knocking out a tooth. You should contact the emergency dentist in London to help stop the bleeding and repair the Avulsed tooth in time. It is recommended to handle the tooth carefully without touching its root when you take it to the hospital. Rinse it with water and put it in a container of milk.

  • Loose crown or filling

    At times, you may lose a crown while eating or may also loosen the dental filling when chewing hard foods. The tooth becomes more sensitive and gets exposed to decay and infection.  In such cases, book an appointment with the emergency dental services to ensure safety and instant treatment. Store the crown in a cool and dry place to keep it safe. There are chances that your dentist may fix it back over the tooth, if the crown still holds a good state.  

  • Broken or cracked teeth

    Though our teeth are the strongest part of our body, it also wears away when cracked. Once the crack extends towards the tooth root, the pain caused is extreme. Such cases demand instant dental attention and keeping this in mind emergency dentist is open on Sunday to avoid any delay in your urgent need. Before you reach the dental expert, you can work on the injured area to lessen the pain. Rinse your mouth with water and apply gauze for few minutes to stop the bleeding. Following this, place a cold cloth or ice packs on your cheek to relieve pain. It can make your journey to the clinic easy and a little comfortable.

It is advisable that you stay prepared for any dental situation. When stuck in a painful and unbearable oral problem, consult your nearest available dentist and book an immediate appointment.

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