Tooth Extraction in Dental Emergency

Can a Dentist Perform a Tooth Extraction in a Dental Emergency?

Posted on : 5th Jan 2021

A dental emergency can occur at any time and can affect anyone. If you have a dental emergency, you may have several questions regarding what to expect when you visit an emergency dentist such as, will my treatment hurt? Will I need an emergency tooth extraction?

A good dentist will always offer a gentle and conservative treatment and try to save the damaged teeth. Tooth extraction is usually the last course of treatment when other dental treatments are not effective.

Extraction of a severely damaged tooth

Dentists are qualified to perform tooth extractions during an emergency and when necessary. Extracting a tooth is a common dental treatment, and it is usually necessary when the tooth is severely infected or damaged. If you have a dental issue and think the right treatment option is extracting the teeth, ensure you schedule an emergency dentist appointment as soon as possible.

The dentist is the right person to determine if you need a tooth extraction or if other treatment options will be sufficient to handle the dental issue.

Reasons for emergency tooth extraction

There are a couple of reasons why people need to extract their teeth and a common reason for an emergency tooth extraction is dental trauma. If you have a serious injury which leaves your teeth broken or damaged, tooth extraction may be the only option because saving the tooth is usually not possible.

If you have an infected tooth, extracting the tooth may be the best option. The infection may result from a crack in the affected tooth which leaves the underlying pulp exposed. The crack may also cause a cavity leading to the destruction of the dentine and outer layer of the enamel.

In some cases, saving the infected tooth is possible using root canal treatment. However, if the infection is severe, tooth extraction becomes inevitable.

Another common reason for emergency dental extraction is the impact of a wisdom tooth. A partially erupted wisdom tooth may cause several issues like infection or damage to the teeth surrounding it, and the only solution would be the extraction of the tooth. Extracting the wisdom tooth will help relieve the discomfort and pain.

Having a dental emergency requires you to visit the dentist immediately to avoid further damage. Most emergency dentists always create time in their schedule for patients who need emergency dental care.

Our dentist is always available to deliver excellent dental care for people with dental emergencies. Visit our site to book your emergency appointment online or call us now on 020 31376356.

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