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Tips to Handle Some Common Tooth Traumas in Children

Posted on : 2nd Apr 2019

As outdoor activities and sporting events kick in with the coming of the Spring, cases of sport-related dental trauma among kids go on a rise across dental offices. Dentists associated with a renowned dental clinic in London say this is a common trend that keeps repeating itself every season. 

Parents are obviously anxious to know what they should do to provide the best immediate relief in such conditions. An emergency dentist in London, Dr. Wahab Shakir, shares some effective tips in the following paragraphs that will equip you with the necessary knowledge to tackle such situations. 

Handling dental traumas in children

While handling dental traumas in children, first thing to remember is these traumas are likely to occur at the most unexpected moments and without any prior notice. You’ve to hold your nerves to overcome those challenging situations. 

Now, let’s discuss some of the common dental traumas, mostly resulting from sports, that children suffer from.

Chipped or broken teeth/tooth: A survey carried out recently shows, these cases are very common among children inside the age bracket of 8 and 12 years. Irrespective of your child’s age,  stick to the following guidelines when she or he suffers from chipped or broken tooth or teeth.

  • Gather all the fragments of the damaged tooth, if possible
  • Give her or him some lukewarm water to rinse the mouth thoroughly   
  • Apply cold compress to the injured area (This is likely to minimise both pain and swelling)
  • Then take him/her to your dentist without any delay

A permanent tooth is knocked out from its socket: Modern dentistry allows tooth implant to retain a knocked out tooth or teeth. However, in order to make the implant treatment successful, such cases must be handled fast. 

  • Collect the tooth and while doing so, make sure to  handle it only by the crown
  • The tooth should never dry out, ignore the dirt and the blood and just drop it (holding by its crown) into a cup of cold milk or water
  • If it bleeds badly, put a gauze in place of the tooth and rush the child along with that cup to reach the nearest emergency dentist or emergency dental clinic

Your objective here is to keep the cells in the knocked out tooth alive till the moment an emergency dentist takes over the case and starts the necessary treatment. Once these cells die, it won’t be anymore possible to retain the natural tooth back in its place.

However, incidents of knocked out baby tooth are to be handled differently. There’s no need to retain a knocked out baby tooth back in its place. The gap along the gumline will automatically  be filled up as a new tooth will automatically erupt in that place. 

The emergency dentist in North London says dental traumas in children are very common. Hitting on the panick button in such situations is the worst thing you can do for your child. Based on his experience, Dr Shakir assures that children get healed up – both physically and mentally – from such traumas pretty fast. Keep your calm and try to stick to the guidelines discussed above.

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