Tooth Nerve Damage

Common Signs of Damage to Your Tooth Nerve

Posted on : 9th Mar 2021

Are you suffering from toothache? If yes, then you will find it difficult to eat favorite foods or have ice water. When the problem becomes worse, you will develop extreme pain that can be treated by either taking over-the-counter medications or home remedies. This can lessen the pain though you need to see a good dentist immediately to overcome it completely.

Mostly, you may be asked to undergo an oral surgery for treating the cause of toothache. This can mean something like causing damage to the nerve. So, when you face severe tooth pain, you should not wait to visit a dentist for too long. Thus the longer you wait for treating the concern, the more severe your problem may become.

How to detect damage to tooth nerve

One of the common causes of tooth pain is extreme damage to your nerve that surrounds the teeth. If the nerve tissue gets damaged, then it may become very sensitive to any movement of your tooth as well as extremely hot or cold temperatures. This makes eating most of the foods very uncomfortable for you. You should try to find the damage caused to tooth nerve early.

Causes of pain to tooth nerve

  • Pulpal sensitivity – This pain occurs due to some kind of damage to your nerves that surround the pulp of a tooth. When this pain develops, it gets stick to a tooth. Some causes include – chipped or cracked tooth, tooth decay that may turn into doing dental works like a tooth filling. This kind of sensitivity might develop due to teeth grinding or prolonged clenching.
  • Dental sensitivity – This kind of sensitivity affects your mouth more than the surrounding one tooth. The nerve damage takes place when the tooth enamel gets damaged due to a crack or chip but probably as a result of erosion. This will enable external stimuli to access teeth nerves so that you can eat hot, cold or acidic foods leading to severe tooth pain in your mouth. Dental sensitivity also occurs due to repeated use of whitening products that can break the tooth enamel and leave your teeth completely open to further damage.

How you will feel with a damaged tooth nerve

The pain for your tooth nerve might develop in due course. Initially, you get the feeling of dull ache in your mouth that gradually becomes severe discomfort. It is suggested to overcome the pain quickly and lessen the discomfort. For this, you need to contact a dental surgeon who provides less intensive treatment, routine dental care such as brushing, flossing and avoid developing further pain to tooth nerve. Read on to know some signs that indicate you have severe pain from tooth nerve.

  • Severe ache around your gum line
  • Pain for a single tooth or spreads throughout your mouth
  • Extreme discomfort that becomes worse after eating and taking hot, cold or acidic meals.

Common treatments to overcome pain of tooth nerve

You will find different treatment options to deal with the tooth pain due to nerve damage. The common dental procedures are root canals and dental fillings.

  • Root Canal – This is said to be more intense dental method when pain occurs due to extremely damaged or decayed tooth. During the treatment, your damaged nerve is removed completely like the pulp that surrounds damaged tooth. After this, the specific area gets cleaned and sealed which enable to use the tooth like normal without experiencing any pain.
  • Filling – A filling is actually the common type of dental repair where the damaged tooth gets filled with a filling or cement. In this method, the area that surrounds your tooth is numbed while the decayed tooth part is removed so that the filling can be used to fill-in damaged area. This can avoid external stimuli from aggravating nerves which surround the tooth.

There are other remedies too for dealing with nerve pain such as use of specialized toothpaste to lessen the sensitivity. Make sure you practice routine dental hygiene habits to avoid damage to tooth nerve and reduce early signs of toothache. It is advised that you visit to book an emergency appointment and get yourself treated from the dentist without delay.


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