what to do if your crown falls out

What should be done when the Crown becomes Loose or Falls Out

Posted on : 16th Feb 2018

Do you have loose crown? Has the crown fallen out? If your answer to these questions is yes, then it can be quite distressing as the exposed teeth are sensitive to hot and cold foods/drinks. You will find many people who do not know what need to be done when losing a crown and where to go for emergency dental care. This blog discusses about certain things that can be done to prevent the crown from falling out or becoming loose.

  • Find the dental crown – A crown will usually pop off while brushing, flossing or eating. You need to find the dental crown at first and if you have already swallowed it, it will pass without any problem. However, you will need to prepare a new crown in this situation. Many dentists would reattach the old crown without any charge if it had been placed by them earlier and if there is no issue with the crown, apart from the cement. It is advised to look at the crown on finding it and clean it gently by using a toothbrush. You can also clean the exposed tooth gently, if possible.
  • Call your dentist soon – You need to see your dentist at emergency dental care if there is some problem with the crown or it has fallen out. He will be able to fit it again before the underlying tooth gets damaged. Losing a crown is a dental emergency and the dentists will ask you to visit their office within the next two days. However, if the dentist cannot see you immediately, you can take some necessary measures at home for the time-being.
  • Wait to see your dental surgeon – If you have the crown, it is a good decision to place it back on the tooth temporarily with dental cream. You may use a small daub of paste in order to determine the right way how it should fit on the tooth. Try to test the new fitted crown before applying any cream. If the crown is placed on the tooth, it should make you feel right at the time of biting. It is advised that you do not bite very hard or you may damage the crown.

If you don’t have the crown, try to get it fixed soon. A tooth that has already lost the crown is at higher risk for breakage. Without protective crown, the parts of the tooth get exposed to debris and bacteria that can lead to decay and infection. If the exposed tooth is sore and sensitive, you may apply clove oil or take pain reliever.

Why dental crowns seem to fall out

There can be some problems with either the crown or underlying tooth. The maintenance will depend greatly on the amount of tooth structure and quality that is underneath.

Some reasons for the failure of crowns are:

  • Decay
  • Trauma
  • Heavy tooth grinding

If you do not face any of these situations, the crown might have come out as the cement gradually leached out over a certain period. If you can find and save the dental crown, it can be re-cemented back. However, if your crown is loose or has fallen out, book an appointment with our dentist for emergency dental care.

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