Good Choice for Missing Teeth Problems

Permanent Dentures are a Good Choice for Missing Teeth Problems

Posted on : 31st May 2018

Edentulismis the complete loss of teeth from the top and bottom jaw. This is a common problem for old adults and seniors in modern dentistry. This is why many people prefer choosing permanent dentures when dealing with the problem of teeth loss.

If you are suffering from tooth loss due to old age, periodontal disease, improper oral health, plaque, dental trauma due to accident, the there are permanent dentures available to you and other services such as Prosthodontics or cosmetic dental restoration.

Why you should choose permanent dentures

If you do not treat missing teeth and incomplete smile, then it will become worse over time. To avoid such a situation, make sure you choose permanent dentures to correct your dental problems and regain gorgeous smile.

  • Bone loss and degradation – Your jawbone will suffer from bone loss and degradation due to biting force on the gaps of teeth. This will affect your jaw line, appearance, chin length and your biting problem as you become old.
  • Worsened due to periodontal disease – This may turn worse due to periodontal disease or gingivitis that make the gum line recede and loosen tooth root connections to the jawbone.
  • Aesthetics and speech – You should wear dentures to improve your appearance, speech and confidence level. Missing teeth will not only have an impact on your look but also the way how you speak and act.
  • Behavior and self-confidence – When you are suffering from missing teeth properly, you will not smile much in public. This will affect your ability to pronounce certain words and create sounds that might be affected due to missing teeth thus, leading to more embarrassment.

What you can do in this situation

Earlier, the only option to deal with permanent teeth loss was to get dentures. Thanks to the latest dentistry that has made it easy to get the treatment done according to your convenience. You can go for a root canal therapy to save your teeth ifthe root has become inflamed. If you want to choose dentures, make sure you know if temporary dentures or partial permanent dentures will be the right option for your case.

Types of dentures

  • Temporary dentures – Temporary dentures, also called immediate dentures are the false teeth that can be fitted straight after the teeth have been removed. They are a suitable option to help you perform your daily activities while you are waiting to fit the permanent dentures. Your dentist might suggest you to wear a denture if you had faced gum problems or sensitive teeth in the past.
  • Permanent dentures – Also called conventional dentures, these false teeth appliances are molded with the shape of your mouth when gum tissue has healed completely after tooth extraction or after your teeth has fallen out due to periodontal disease, accident, domestic violence or falling off the stairs.

Alternatives to permanent dentures

  • Dental bridge – A dental bridge is an oral appliance that bridges the gap between atooth to another. It can be used when there are remaining teeth left, otherwise you’ll need to put in an implant.
  • Veneers – Veneers are a great appliance for prosthodontics when it comes to covering up the existing teeth that cannot be whitened through bleaching.
  • Jacket crowns – Full veneer crown or jacket crown includes just one tooth or an entire row of teeth. It is a ceramic-covered and full porcelain crown that can be put on the misshapen teeth to cover and protect them.
  • Dental implants – If you have missing teeth, then implants are a great option to solve this problem. These artificial teeth look and feel like natural ones and help you to boost your confidence level.

You may talk to your dentist for permanent dentures treatment at Emergency Dentist London Clinic and know if this is the right option for your case.

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